Stain Protector

Stain Protector

The most important point to remember with stain protection is to have your rug thoroughly cleaned and prepared correctly before application. This also means to have the residue from any cleaning chemicals removed or neutralised to allow the protector to form a strong bond to the rug fibres.


  • Create a coating on the surface of your rug’s fibres which will resist soiling. When you spot clean the rug or have a professional rug cleaner clean your rug you will have better success/results
  • Assist in the retarding of general dust due to the smooth coating it creates on the rug’s fibres
  • Slow the penetration of spills directly into the rug’s fibre which will allow you more time to clean up before the spill soaks in completely and causes a stain


  • Stop staining from occurring completely
  • Automatically clean up a spill for you – you will need to absorb the spill and treat it as normal
  • Alter the appearance of the carpet or fabric

Stain protection will make it easier for you to remove spots and spills when they occur