Our rug cleaning process is very thorough and involved and the cost of cleaning your rugs reflects the time that will be taken in the cleaning process in total. We do understand the cheap import nature of many rugs in the market place at the moment. We are often faced with comments that a rug may only cost a small amount to purchase. The issue here is that we need to clean all rugs to a high standard regardless of their value or purchase price. Should you wish for your rug to be cleaned in a budget manner then our cleaning process cannot be as thorough as is often required.

Cheap rugs are often made from polypropylene or nylon, and should you simply dispose of your rug rather than cleaning and reusing it, you will be adding to more pollution in the environment as your plastic rug will end up in land fill. Swift Rug Cleaners are environmentally conscience and encourage people to act in a thoughtful manner towards cleaning their rugs rather than simply throwing them out and buying new ones.

The cheap nature of many synthetic rugs now days does mean that they only last a few of years before they begin to deteriorate. If you are looking at purchasing a rug, you should be looking for one of good quality, with a woven backing rather than a material backing that is simply glued together.

Our Rug Cleaning division has been in operation for over 65 years. We have encountered many thousands of rugs over this time and our experience enables us to clean, detail, and restore your rugs to a high standard and get the job done right the first time.

Contact us for any further information that you may require, we will only be too happy to assist and provide an estimated quote for cleaning your rug. When ringing for quotes you will need to supply us with the measurements of your rug (right up to the end of the fringes if applicable) as well as information as to what your rug is made from - whether it be wool, cotton, silk, synthetic, etc. This will help us to provide a more accurate price estimate at the time of your enquiry.