Swift Rug Cleaners division have over 65 years’ experience in professional rug detailing and cleaning. Our rug cleaning facility is one of the best equipped in Australia. We use the latest equipment and an environmentally friendly rain water system to clean your wool, Persian, cotton, silk, oriental, synthetic, antique and heirloom rugs.

Drying Process

At Swift Rug Cleaners rug cleaning laundry we have a custom made drying room which is equipped with climate controls, dehumidification and heating equipment.

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Urine Treatment Processes

Urine can be very difficult to remove but Swift Rug Cleaners have some of the best products and equipment available to assist us. With some rugs the urine patches are not clearly visible on the surface.

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Odour Treatments

We have three separate treatments available for use in our attempts to remove strong smells from your rug. We use products that attack the bacteria that cause the smell rather than a perfume masking agent.

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Stain Protector

The most important point to remember with stain protection is to have your rug thoroughly cleaned and prepared correctly before application.

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Memberships / Certifications

Happy Clients

  • "My wife and purchased a handmade Indian rug from the family who made it, during a visit to Kashmir to celebrate our engagements some 35 years ago. We were rather upset therefore when our Labrador got a bottle of red cordial and managed to leave big red stains across it! We took the rug to Swift Cleaning and Restorations but were rather pessimistic about the outcome. Andrew and his associate certainly put a lot of work into it because when we returned the following week we were delighted to find it restored to virtually the same condition it was when we bought it all those years ago."


  • "Dear Andrew, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your highly professional approach to cleaning and caring for our carpets and we commend your services. Ours is a well lived in home with pets and teenaged sons. We have had ongoing problems particularly with urine stains made by our much loved old dog. We thought our light coloured wool carpets would have to be replaced. Your careful and considered treatments have meant that the stains are all but invisible. We are delighted with the results. Our carpets are cleaned and refreshed and give new life to our home. We are pleased to recommend your business where we can. Thank you."


  • "Dear Andrew, Thank you so very much for your recent work on our very much spoiled antique Chinese wool carpet. Not only was your work of the highest standard, but you also took the trouble to pick up and return this rather large rug at my home in Willunga. Your services, help, cooperation and understanding are of the highest standard and are indeed greatly appreciated. I will have no hesitation to use your services again, should the need arise in the future. Wishing you all the best for your business."